Living With A Brat – 12

Brad was uncertain about my priorities so I arranged  a casual encounter with my daughter.   There was a function at work to which I virtually dragged Gabi.

I introduced her to everyone, including Brad, so that he’d be one of many, no ‘target’ on his back. As there were a lot of kids her age present  they could annoy each other,  leaving the grown ups to talk.

A lot of parents were;  “Stevie!”   “Jessica, don’t!”   “Tony, stop!”  I was not.  I ignored Gabi.

When Brad saw how I focused on him, not Gabi he gained some confidence.

Over the next months I spent a lot of time with him.  We often went out to dinner.  To Normalise I brought Gabi on occasion.

She behaved fairly well. Brad took as much interest in her as she did him, so there was a toleration.

As Gabi was so self involved she had no idea that the relationship between Brad and I was serious.  I had, to add to the subterfuge, also taken her to dinner when I met with other co-workers.

She assumed Brad was just a guy from work.   I kept the conversation on work, not on her, not on us while she spent most of the time on her cell phone.   I said nothing to her about it, although another mother might mention the rudeness.


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