Live On – 17

Tom and his family didn’t return to their area until a year had passed.  Their new house had been built and was ‘better’, (or so his mother said) than the previous.

The house where Maya had lived was gone, just an empty lot.  

There were other houses going up. What had been the Church and school was not rebuilt.

Tom attended a new school a new church.

Tom asked everyone he had known about Maya Herrera, as well as other people he didn’t see.   Although almost everyone  knew something about the others, no one knew about the Herreras or Maya.

At the new school he asked, always asked about Maya, but no one knew.

All of those who had lived in that area had, as Tom’s father, gotten into their cars, leaving everything they couldn’t grab and driven away.

Some people died, some never returned, there was so little information.


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Written by jaylar

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