Live On – 10

Tom parked his bike, entered the house.  He called out and Verna replied.

Years ago, when the kids were young, they’d ask him if he caught anything. He’d taken them fishing a few times, but they found it boring so he stopped bothering them.

Now they were grown, married and gone, so it was just he and Verna.

As he entered the living room, she began to babble about whatever as he turned on the television.

He always watched ‘sports’.  

Actually, he didn’t.  He pretended to watch.

Verna would always come in to disturb him.  She’d babble on and on, then, as usual,  ask him what he thought.

As usual he replied;  “Verna, I  respect your judgement,”  in a warm voice.

She smiled shyly, and felt so prized;  “You always say that.”

He turned from the television; “Because its true.”

The love that poured out of her could drown.


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Written by jaylar

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