Intelligent Quotient – 26

In life, one is often ‘sold’ a product in the belief of it being superior.

The child who is put into bright class, with all its extra work, is made to believe that this is an achievement, and gives up their lives in return for Academia.

The consumer who is told that hydrogenated vegetable oil is healthier than coconut oil, and purchases it,  sacrifices their health for some claim.

But some people are not easy sales. They use other measures beyond the word of someone in power.

The child perceives that to go into bright class will overwhelm their childhood.  Will end all that lovely free time and play time and dream time with just more book time.

The intelligent consumer notices how many people in their 90s only use coconut oil and learns how vegetable oil was created as a substitute for petroleum.

This kind of consideration is not common.

What do you think?

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