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In the previous articles I used the character of Martin. This was a man with a very high I.Q. who lost everything on what seemed to be a can’t lose project.

 I indicated little things that would be missed by persons who have high Intelligent Quotients, but lack ‘street smarts’.

It is not that I.Q. and E.Q.  (Emotional Intelligence) are mutually exclusive, it is that few people perceive the reality I mentioned in the first article.

To recap;

Here is a very bright child, put into a special advanced class.  There is a lot of work, a lot of subjects, lots of homework.

This very bright child notices that those in average class have half the work, less subjects and little homework.

The very bright child decides to play dumb, get put into average class so that s/he can have a life outside of academics.

This child is the rarity.  

Most kids are channelled into thinking that Academics is more important than Social life, so do not expose themselves nor learn the many facets of reality.

What do you think?

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