Intelligent Quotient – 23

Martin was extremely intelligent,  did well at University, obtained a managerial position and was doing well enough.  He worked for about five years when he saw an investment opportunity and took it, but had to leave his post to manage it.

In his mind he was buying a piece of property for virtual pennies, where he would be able to build a small shopping mall in an area that did not have such a venture.

The idea he would lose everything never occurred to him.

This is because Martin did not comprehend the area in which he was building.

Martin didn’t notice the route of traffic, nor grasp the expense, i.e. turning a lot into a mall, and did not have the ability to deal with persons of a lower economic status than he was accustomed to.

In short, although ‘on paper’  his ideas and investment seemed logical, he wasn’t able to see the difference between a thought and reality.


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