Intelligence Quotient – 28

The reason so many brilliant people fall for scams and lose fortunes is because they are only brilliant in the academic field.

The example of Martin is of a brilliant man who lost everything in the attempt to build a Mall because he didn’t see the whole picture.

For example, here is a job.  This Boss is very strict, has rules, and demands.  His employees hate him.  They do as little as possible to get by, follow the rules to no purpose.

They all arrive on time, then spend thirty minutes ‘setting up’.  They sit at their stations and appear to work but are actually wasting time.

They take their breaks and lunch hour, and start closing down thirty minutes before quiting time.

This other Boss is lenient, often buys lunch for his employees, gives them extra time off.  

They work  to keep the job because they don’t want to lose it.

This simple example is a difference between one boss who might score high on an I.Q. exam but is Emotionally stunted, and another who knows how to treat people.


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