Intelligence Quotient – 27

The child who understands the ‘system’  can place him/her self into the ideal environment.  

School, attendance and homework can be molded so as it exerts no pressure and fills no more than 7 hours of their day.   This leaves the child time for play and a social life.   

This Child, able to  arrange their lives,  is emotionally intelligent.

There are few people who are both intellectually and emotionally gifted.  

Many children perceive being in bright class as a great achievement just as others  see being chosen for the team.

Emotionally Intelligent Children see the pressure of life, and decide they want to be children.  They want to drag their childhood as far as they can.  They want time to do nothing.

Many people who are Emotional Intelligent will avoid promotions where the work load is intense, opting to do as little as possible to get by.

They don’t need to ‘challenge’ themselves, they know their ability.

As they are aware of a world beyond academics,  beyond the board rooms, and laboratories, etc.  they can perceive reality.


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