Inside the Capsule – part 5

There were a number of events at the school.  A few she and her parents could not escape, such as a P.T.A. meeting, a special auditorium, etc.  They went, stayed together, left.

As Margaret didn’t care about anything beyond the lessons,  and didn’t want to attract eyes, she dressed commonly, her hair brushed back  into a pony tail.  She wore no makeup  nor jewelry.  She didn’t care about her ‘image’ or ‘belonging’. She sat in the back, never raised her hand or attracted attention.

After the first interlude with the Mean Girl over the seat, Margaret had a protocol.  Where no ‘permanent’ seats were organised,   she would enter the class seconds before the bell, stay  in the back.  She was often the first to leave.

As she didn’t eat lunch she missed the dramas that occurred in the cafeteria.  She didn’t stay after school, so was out of all those social events.

Whenever she picked  up her head to observe what was going on around her she saw repulsive people behaving badly.

Insults, aggression, loud mouthed babble.   Girl’s reduced to tears by remarks of other girls, boys getting into fights to retaliate against the disrespect,  it was a third rate constant drama of people making their lives more rotten.

Margaret stayed out of it.


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Written by jaylar

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