Inside the Capsule – part 4

The first chance Margaret’s father had to get out of town for a few days, he took.  As they drove back to the City,   he reminded;

“We are here for one year minus a week.   We don’t have to fit in, we don’t have to make friends or participate or take anything as important.   All we will do is be polite, unobtrusive, and stay out of everyone else’s fantasy world.”

They statement was supported, and after a wonderful weekend, when they returned, they felt able to deal with this ‘isolation.’

As they took no interest in anything that happened in the town were never going to be arguing or advocating, confronting or consoling.

The few times they raised their heads to look around, they felt nothing but contempt for the petty people who lived there,with their prejudices and practices, attitudes and antagonism.

They knew Margaret would have the hardest path, for she had to go to school with them.

“This is going to prove your inner strength,” her Dad said.


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Written by jaylar