How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 64

One of the basic tricks that one can find on Hubpages is to  not publish or ‘unfeature’ a published item to prevent the writers from earning and reaching the  threshold.  

Many sites want to discourage writers from publishing too much.  

This is because writers whose work  is vastly superior to that of the Owner and Shills make them look bad.  

Don’t be shocked.  

When a site publishes rubbish you can pretty much bet that the rubbish is  posted by the Owner and his Shills.

Take any writing site; this one  for example.   Take a look at certain ‘top writers’.   

Often, they post ungrammatical, badly written paragraphs, or error filled quizzes.   Where other people await moderation, these ‘writers’ (term used loosely) are  published immediately.


This is occurs so that every month the Owner and Shills, (through their duals)  earns a chunk of cash.   Good writers don’t meet the threshold.  Good writers are ‘moderated’.   

Professional writers,  famous authors have posted on writing sites to prove this.

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