How Would You Have it Then? -6

One would think I was so focused that no diversion would ever distract me.  I thought so too.

It was in my final year of college when I fell in love with, (for the sake of privacy),  Z.  

Z was brilliant.  He was  self contained.  His voice was strong and certain.  I  loved him from affair.  I wanted to approach him, didn’t know how.  

I learned he was part of a particular ‘mission’ and would be going off to some exotic place.  I reformed my plans.  

There were a few hurdles I leaped, a few obstacles I dodged, and I would join him.  I didn’t realise it was group thing until we were at the boarding gate.  

There we were,  in one nice crowd,  to board the flight to Remote.  He was over there,  I was here, about to approach him.  


this woman I’d met before and intensely disliked, went up to him. I could see the smile on his face, his arm go around her.  As she raised her hand to push back her hair, I saw the flashing rings.  

A diamond ring and a wedding band.

And the flight was boarding, and I was on it.


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Written by jaylar

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