How Would You Have it Then? – 27 (end)

Renovations had been done to my shack so that Alaja had her own room and there was another bathroom.  We sat on the floor discussing our  next move.  Where we should go, where we should live as it  was almost time for Alaja to go to pre school, mix with other children; enter the world.

We wondered if we should send her to live with my/his parents and remain here, or should we take transfers home or to a more modern society.

 We hadn’t made up our minds, pursuing the possibles.

I sat back thinking,  watching  the man I married because he was there, and suddenly realised; I loved him.  

I really loved Cory.

This was a consolation prize, or second best.  I really loved Cory.

And that is why I cried.


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Written by jaylar

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