How Would You Have It Then? – 17

Cory and I spoke, put together a meal.  He lit the lantern I had because the electricity was out.   We sat at the table ate our meal, and talked.

Cory  wanted to use my bathroom, meaning he had to enter my small bedroom.  I led him, then sat on my bed, thinking.

When he came out,  he came to me, took my hand.  

“I guess I should sleep in the other room…” he said, his eyes deep in mine.

I didn’t speak.  He put his hand on my face, and softly kissed my lips.

And I thought to myself;  “How would I have it then?”  

How would I have my first sexual experience?   A high pressured wild passion with a man I wanted to impress or please?  Or one without pressure or passion, or a need to impress?

I returned his kiss, and let nature take its course.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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