How Would You Have it Then? – 10

I saw Cory swimming by, he saw me, and  came ashore.  We began talking about a rather controversial  issue  at work .  

There was a particular study I had doubts about, which he echoed.

He didn’t stay long, and I didn’t think much of the encounter.

He passed my house often, almost every day.  I realised he was doing a kind of ‘lap’ thing.    I’d see him in the morning before work swimming just past my house, then turning back.  

In the evenings, sometimes he would come ashore and we’d talk a bit.

During the work day I saw Cory and others, but he was no more significant than anyone else.

To be rather impolite, he could have been a 62 year old woman or a 16 year old boy.   There was no gender, no specifics.  

It was calling this one ‘mechanic’ that one ‘doctor’ the other ‘typist’ without reference to their physical attributes.


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Written by jaylar

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