How To Make Love A High Society Affair Again

I was came across this old love song by “The Boys” as they were fondly called way back, when Napoleon was a corporal. I’m talking about The Beatles of course. The words got me thinking and when a thought is “HOT”, I write. Perhaps you agree and maybe you don’t, but these thoughts of faith and love took flight for me, so here goes, when someone deceives us, our hearts harden, and so, also, do our minds start deceiving others too. As a reaction, we either push everyone away or do the opposite and pull people into our pain by causing them pain as well. When we do this, we feel so damned stupid. We should have seen the signs and symptoms pulling us in, but, “Love is blind,” we tell ourselves.

Well, I would disagree. Love always helps us see. Deception is really never a result of Love, it is the result of ice-hearted selfishness. All cowards have an inability to show Love. We gave someone all of us and they robbed us of our innocence.

Never allow them to take your faith as well because Love is a faith, perhaps even the only true faith. You will be tested, and you will surely be betrayed in your life, but it’s all to power-up strength in your faith.

Many will choose the demon they know best, while others will knowingly chase the ghost of Love in someone that eternally runs away, but few will continue to fight for this love but these few, will keep whittling away at doubt until they are finally surrounded as surely they will be, by love partners and friends. I choose to be one of the latter.

Who are you?

I always say “Love is a Boomerang”. It’s a faith that forever bounces from one heart to another. Love is a group journey, go and find the group that treats love as a high society affair.

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