How To Have a Normal Relationship with Your Ex – Social Distance

Today we talk about ‘Social Distance’ in Relation to the Corona Virus.  Think of you Ex as Covid and keep your social distance.

Never be alone with him, never set up any kind of private family anything.  Everything has to be out there among others,  If  you need to meet, you bring family or friends with you.

The Abusive Ex can not do anything to you in the middle of a crowd where there are other people; bigger people than he is.

Never act interested in anything he has to say.  Always appear to be distracted.  

One of the things that inspires an abuser is when he thinks you love him and will accept his abuse.  When you it seems  clear you don’t care, aren’t even listening to what he has to say, he has no hook.

With the adulterer, assume any female around him is a sex partner.    Don’t be angry at his new victim.   Act pleasant, as if they have done you a favour.

Make every encounter, light and brief and distant..


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Written by jaylar

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