How the Bough is Bent – 8

Connie was almost sorry she’d begun the conversation as the woman continued;  

“When children are raised  to believe they are special;  not just to mommy and daddy, but to the world, this is what happens.  You have  children who see everyone and thing as inferior to them.  Often, the most obnoxious of the crew are the  ‘Fourth Generation.’

Connie hadn’t heard the term before

“The usual process is that the First Generation works hard, saves, and prospers.   The Second is split into those who helped the First achieve and those that only spend money. “

“The Third Generation usually only spends money until it is virtually gone, yet raises their children to believe in their power and prestige.”

Connie did understand this ‘history’, she was hearing.

“The Fourth are virtually paupers, and have no ability to take care of themselves.”

“How do you know they are Fourth?”  Connie asked.

“Real millionaires don’t sent their kids to those pre schools.   They send them to average schools, dress them in average clothing so that they know how to function in the world.”


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