How She Plays It – 9

So here he was. Anton Summers.  Once a happily married man, with a family.   Now, a discarded ex-husband with no one.

And he could sit back, and see how it all took place, by watching his coworker,  Dave McClean go through the process. Watch happily married Dave McClean make an idiot of himself with Candy.

It was worse for Dave, for his  wife, Ellen, worked for the same company, but one floor up.  She would find out, the whole staff would know, both of them might wind up having to leave the office….

Anton wanted to warn Dave, stop him, somehow prevent the divorce.   Get Dave out of the hooks of Poison Candy before his wife found out.   If he spoke to Dave all he’d reap would be animosity.  No doubt, he’d be told to mind his own business.  

Yes, for Dave would be so besotted with Candy, he couldn’t think straight.  Then, Dave would say something to Candy and she would probably announce how he had ‘sexually harassed’ her.  

Then, of course, add  how he was ‘jealous’ of Dave.


Anton knew Candy very well.


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Written by jaylar

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