How She Plays It – 8

,Anton had  fallen insanely in love with Candy.   It was as if he were a teenager.   He couldn’t breathe without her.  He had to be with her at every possible chance.

His wife, Edith, getting lie after lie, had to become suspicious.

It was at work when Candy told him they were done.  It had come out of nowhere, made no sense.  He was upset, confronted her, and she had acted as if he were attacking her.

The confusion she caused created turmoil, the bosses got the idea he was ‘sexually harassing’ Candy.

How could he explain that they had been having a passionate affair for two months, and suddenly she ended it?

Candy dumped him, he made a fool of himself.  His office transferred him here.  His wife, Edith chose not to follow him hearing the truncated explanation.   She knew he had an affair,  and divorced him.


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Written by jaylar

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