How She Plays It – 5

Anton called his old office, asked for the Head of Human Relations.  

Speaking as if he had buck teeth, (to distort his voice) he claimed to be calling on behalf of the HR office here.  He questioned the term, , and mentioned the term used on the form.

“Exactly what does that term infer?”  he asked.

Sarah McLouglin, a woman he had known casually when he was in the old office, explained in broad terms there was a ‘disagreement’.  Anton kept going, asking who had signed off on it.

Finally, he learned it was one of his old Bosses,  Calvin Long, who had Miss Varga  transfered.

He recalled Calvin; also married.  At least he was married when Anton had worked there.

He thanked Ms McLouglin and hung up.

Yes.  He was right.   Poison Candy had no doubt gone after Long, and probably something happened, which is why she was shipped here.


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Written by jaylar

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