How She Plays it – 23

Anton remembered how Candy pursued him.  The smile, the little gifts, the always being there, ever so helpful.

He recalled taking her out for lunch after she’d done him a favour, and how she invited him to dinner and he had refused.

After all he was married.

She made it seem he was over reacting, and somehow he thought it was he who was having ‘romantic’ thoughts, not Candy.

Oh yes, he could map her tricks, her games, and how when they had sex, how she made him think he was so great.

On and on until his wife had reached a stage she knew he was lying about late meetings and special projects.

Somehow Edith found out and he lied, oh!  How well he lied. And the next day, Candy broke up with him.  


As if she knew what happened.

And when he tried to reason with Candy, for now he was ‘free’ and she could have him full time, she made it seem he was … not precisely trying to rape her but making her ‘uncomfortable’.


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Written by jaylar

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