How She Plays It – 21

Anton was surprised, his face, posture, breath must have announced it.

Lola Starkey nodded; “Oh yes, there are many women who have what is commonly called an ‘inferiority complex’ .   They know, (she put ‘know’ in finger quotes)  they are less than others and so, to prove they are equal (finger quotes) they need to have a relationship with a married man.”

“In this way they ‘Prove’ (finger quotes)  they are ‘Better’ (finger quotes) than the wife.   After all, if they could take this husband from his wife, they are ‘superior’ (finger quotes)”

Anton nodded.

“Then, over time, they realise that the man can’t be ‘all that’ (finger quotes)  if he would leave his wife for her.”

Lola  Starkey sipped her coffee, then added, “It is as this point, after all the upheaval and confusion, the woman drops the man.”



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