How She Plays it – 19

Anton was late returning from lunch.  He had  thought about pushing some fuel into Pete’s fire,  but before he could form a plan he  saw Ms Starkey from HR.   She’d always been a bit friendly, so he asked her out for coffee after work.

It was the first woman he’d asked out since he arrived here.

They met at a cafe and after some blather, she ‘confidentially’ asked him if he knew anything about Miss Varga, for checking the records, she had been at his previous office when he was there.

Anton knew, on paper, in all records, it stated that he had been transferred here to this office because they ‘needed’ him.

It was done this way because Management had truly liked him and didn’t want a smudge on his career.

Ms. Starkey would believe he had been some ‘independent’ observer who scarcely know Candy Varga.

This was the magic wand he needed.


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Written by jaylar

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