How She Plays It – 15

Having arrived at work late, having deliberately dropped something under his desk so he could hide when Dave publicly renounced Candy, he knew he was not totally safe.

Candy would make the connection between him and the gossip and he needed to be prepared.  Anton wasn’t much of an actor or a good liar so he had rehearsed how he would deal with Candy if she confronted him.

He would recite a poem in his mind, so appear distracted.  He began as he walked to the elevator, and sure enough,  Candy jumped in his face.

Being otherwise focused, even an ‘excuse me’ by a stranger would get that jarred look on his face.

“What did you say to him?” she demanded.

Disrupted by her abrupt challenge, looking confused,  Anton felt all the ears perk up as he replied:

“Say to who?  What are you on about?” His voice was a touch loud and he acted as if he had never seen Candy before.

“You know.” she roughly whispered

“Know what? ”  and he looked around as if for help, putting a confused mask on his face.

Obviously she was more aware of the eyes than he was, and bumbled; “Never mind…”  stomping off.

Anton looked from face to face, “Does anyone know what is going on?”

Carol, one of the clerks came to him.  As no one wanted her to be the only bearer of gossip, she was joined and they told him how Dave was having an affair with Candy.

He looked blank but made a twist to his lip; “Candy?” as if she was what is thrown in a toilet.


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Written by jaylar


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