How She Plays It – 14

When Anton worked at the other office, he had been happily married with children.

Poison Candy burst into his life as a Super Nova and he lost all ability to think, reason, comprehend as his brain migrated to his gonads.

Just before his wife found out about the affair, Candy dumped him.  She did it in such a way they he was taken completely off guard.  

His reaction was then used by Candy as ‘sexual harassment’ .

As his Bosses knew him, as many must have been aware of the affair, they made the transfer appear to be their plea to have him ‘fix’ problems at the other office.  There was nothing which made it seem he was being sent away.

As his wife didn’t want to go with him, and went for a divorce, Anton’s reputation was not dirtied.

He had been here for three years, excellent work, before the arrival of Poison Candy.And Poison Candy went after a happily married executive named Dave.  

And Anton, using babble mouthed Pete, had spread a rumour that Candy had been shifted to three different offices because she kept going after married men, then claiming they were sexually harassing her.


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Written by jaylar


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