How She Plays It – 13

Anton made sure he was a bit late arriving at work.  He then went into the bathroom, hoping Pete’s mouth was on rapid fire.

When he came out, he went to his place and kept his head down, but could feel the tension.

By lunch, everyone knew about Dave and Candy and her way of disgracing her lovers.

The best part was that Dave knew.  He had to know. 

When Candy came to speak with Dave, to question, he cut her short, walked away.  Candy went to follow.

Everyone was watching.

Dave said, in a loud voice; “Leave me alone, now, I’ve got work to do…”

Candy glanced around to see the eyes, which had been pinned to her fall.

She didn’t see Anton who was under his desk, picking up what he had dropped.


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Written by jaylar

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