How She Plays It – 12

Pete listened avidly to Anton.   This was the Biggest Chunk of Gossip he had ever gotten.

A woman, exposed as a ‘MeToo’  who was really a predator, set on destroying other people’s marriages.

Anton babbled as if he were drunk,  Pete pumping him for details.    After forty minutes, Anton swallowed the last of his beer and said;

“If I knew Dave, I’d warn him. When Poison Candy breaks up with him… and gets him accused of sexual harassment, and his wife divorces him….”  and shook his head.

Then, Anton pushed up from the stool and walked away, leaving the Bar.

He may have not known, for a fact, that Candy had honed her ‘performance’  so that he, Anton was not the first or the fifteenth.  But when he scanned how she had operated in his mind, he had the feeling that for some reason Poison Candy had her protocols.

Hopefully, Pete would spread it what Anton had told him, and elaborate on it.


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Written by jaylar

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