How She Plays It – 10

Anton left work and went across to the Bar.   He’d just ordered a beer when he overheard two co workers discussing Pete, a young, energetic guy who was all over the place.

“You can’t tell Pete anything.  He’ll spread it like a virus…” said one.  

‘I know.  He is a fountain of gossip.   You know he told me that…”

“Shh… here he comes… let’s get out of here….”

Anton felt as if he’d won the Lotto.

As Pete took a seat, Anton greeted him, then sighed.  Pete, as expected, asked what was wrong.

Anton took his time and made a circular babble about a particular female who had to be transferred because she kept going afterr married men.

He ‘refused’ to give her name but Pete guessed it was Candy Varga, and he didn’t deny it.


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Written by jaylar

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