Helping Hand

So we are isolating ourselves and are doing the 14 days quarantine.

Our neighbor died because of the virus.

And as one of the closest houses from theirs, we need to isolate ourselves together with 8 other families for 14 days.

I was a little worried because we are running out of food and then,

it started coming in.

From different people and organizations.

Eggs, rice, water, vitamins, ginger, chicken and a whole lot more.

I wasn’t expecting it and I am really really thankful for our neighbors who are lending their hands and donating for our essentials.

Everyday a donation comes in, and it is really wholesome to have such people in your neighborhood.

Discrimination is there, I won’t deny it, though I kind of understand it tho. We are all scared for our health.

But despite of that, they are helping us.

It’s really heartwarming.

I feel the need to share. That’s all haha.

Stay safe and kind!



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Written by Vanessa

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