Hard to Get – 7

Norris would never take the first offer.  His immediate response would be;

 ‘Oh, that’s too high!’  and whomever he was speaking with would drop the price.

One day, when told a particular project would cost him $20k, he instantly performed his; ‘oh, that’s too high!’  

The person he was speaking to immediately got into his car and  drove  off.

Norris didn’t understand it;   no negotiation,  no discussion, just gone.

Norris contacted another such person who quoted  the price of $50k. When he did his puff and bellow it was dropped to $45k.  

He tried another who quoted $60k.

When Norris mentioned that the first person he spoke with would have done it for $20k he was told, ‘that’s impossible.’

Norris  couldn’t understand it.  

He tried to connect with that first person.  When finally able, told that the work could not be taken on and then, hung up.

Norris couldn’t understand.

He didn’t know that the “$20k”  had been a mistake, and the speaker,  grabbed Norris’s ‘Oh that’s High’ as a life line and ran off.

Little did Norris know that he had just lost a terrific bargain.


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Written by Tall Awah

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