Giving it Time – 7

The game was that night.  To get out of the office early, Mike made up a story that they had to go to ‘a meeting’ at three.  

Carrying it off with aplomb,  Mike would give her a lift and collect her in two hours. They exchanged cell numbers just in case.

Arriving home at 3:30, Emily showered, washed her hair.  She used a tiny bit of makeup, got into her jersey and jeans and sneakers and was ready long before Mike returned.

As she got into his car he was excited about the match and when he learned how good the seats were he nearly exploded.

“I’m shutting off my cell now, ” she said, “because I’m superstitious.”

“Okay, me too…”  Mike replied, and shut off his cell.

They reached the venue, went to the seats.  Mike was impressed with how well Emily knew the team, the sport, even the venue.   She wasn’t pretending.

During the match she focused,  and their team won. They went out to celebrate and do a recap.

This was Emily’s dinner because, “I can’t eat before a match…”


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Written by jaylar

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