Giving it Time – 4

Emily had met people like Lily before.  The sour brat in primary, the snotty girl in High School.   The below average student at University who wore her superiority into failure.

Emily avoided Lily.  She always asked Martin or Jordon, the other paralegals, for help or did the work herself.  As Emily had given Lily a very wide berth before she became aware of relationship with Mike,  there was no alteration.

However, her opinion of Mike declined somewhat.   She saw him as a man who saw only skin deep, who wanted only physical connection.    

Emily behaved as if she was unaware of interoffice relationships.  Although she heard as much gossip as everyone else, she behaved as if she hadn’t.

She saw her ‘mission’ as doing the best she could, learning as much as she could, and whether she stayed or went, her time here would not be a waste.


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Written by jaylar

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