Giving it Time – 19

What startled Mike was that he had spent Friday night, Saturday,  Saturday night, Sunday, Sunday Night, into Monday with Emily.  He really had.    

It wasn’t a sexcapade, it wasn’t romance, it was two friends enjoying each other’s company.

Anyone who saw Emily going over the file;  more precisely, Lily, seeing Emily going over the file,  would not have a hint  there was any relationship between Mike and Emily beyond Mr. McGregor and Miss Barnett.

To say Mike was stunned would be more than understatement.

Emily impressed him.   Her ability to separate work and play, her lack of notice of Lily, who was obviously looking for trouble.

Mike was pulled back to the now by Jordon.

For the next few hours they had a working lunch, and by four it had all been organised. Emily would cross examine the first witness who should underestimate her.  

“Nervous?” Mike asked as they packed to leave.

“Why?  I know what I’m going to ask, I know the answers I will get.”

Mike dug into her eye, looking for deception, but there was none.

He thought of asking her to dinner but decided to keep it distant for now.


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Written by jaylar

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