Giving it Time – 11

Emily her bathing suit, sandals.  a change of clothing and her pajamas.  She went to bed, setting her alarm for 6:20.

She woke just before the alarm went off,  had a light breakfast, showered, dressed in jeans and sneakers and a tee shirt with an over blouse.  She pinned up her hair, and made sure she unplugged everything before leaving.

She was downstairs, waiting at 7 and Mike drove up within minutes.

She tossed her bag into the back seat, jumped into the front, shut off her phone and put it in her bag.

Mike, noticing her action also shut off his phone, turned on the radio to listen to  the news as he drove.

They spoke about some of the news items, then he described the hotel and some of the dishes he’d eaten there.


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Written by jaylar

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