Giving it Time – 10

Emily met Mike at the theatre.  She was happy to see him.   They went in,  shut off their phones, got the popcorn, and took seats.

There were a lot of single people there,  it wasn’t ‘date time’ so there were no couples; except in the widest definition, Mike and Emily.

The movie was very good, they enjoyed it and after went out for a casual dinner.

They had so much to talk about, and felt so comfortable.  Mike didn’t want to part from Emily.  She was the first person in so long that didn’t pressure or stress him or make everything an obstacle course.

Mike said, “Hey, one of our clients has a hotel.  We can ride down tomorrow, use the pool, get meals, and relax.  Monday is a holiday.”

“That sounds great.  We can leave early Sunday, get some sun….”

“We could stay until Monday evening… don’t get spooked… I’m thinking of swimming, eating, and relaxing before that deadly trial on Wednesday.  I just want down time…”

“Oh, I wasn’t spooked.  I was thinking of how pleasant it would be to order food and not have plates to wash and be somewhere away, for it does get hectic at the office.”

“Hectic is the mildest way to describe it.” Mike replied.

They spoke of other things, then he dropped her home saying he’d be at her place around seven.

When he arrived home and went to plug in his phone, he realised that it had been off for hours and that the ‘missed’ calls were well missed.


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Written by jaylar

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