Give it Time – 83

Emily had a future, not one which depended on anyone but herself.   When the Firm responded to her refusal to work late or come in on weekends, she was prepared.

She had applied to a number of agencies where her legal ability would help people.  She had drafted her resignation printed if when she obtained the new job and departed in one flow.  Resign today from the Firm, start at the Agency tomorrow.

She had told Mike her intention,  she let the events unfold.  After she departed she hoped he would join her.    Hoped he would see the tricks that were played on him,  tricks she had uncovered in her first weeks.

If Mike hadn’t joined her but wanted to date, fine, but she didn’t have much faith in such relationship.

Women who worked at the Firm whether as paralegals or secretaries, (or even recent graduates), would make their play for Mike.   The physical would overtake intellectual.  Emily wouldn’t be there….

But Mike left the Firm for the Agency.


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Written by jaylar

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