Give it Time – 82

When Mike invited Emily for a long weekend at a Hotel, she was uncertain.  On one hand she felt if she said no he would ask another, and that would end their budding relationship.

She went with him but as a friend, not a lover.  During the three days and two nights, Emily gave off ‘Don’t Touch’ vibes so that their relationship would be totally platonic.

Happily, Mike accepted her friendship as she offered, and the long week end went as desired.

To reveal a bit more about herself Emily decided to  expose him to her circle so he’d realise she wasn’t looking at his pocket but at him.  He was her plus one at a particular party at an amusement park attended by society’s elite.

Emily was falling in love with Mike and believed he felt the same.

In many ways she felt Mike was wasted at the Firm, as she was.  That they had more to give but could not blossom under the conditions there.


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Written by jaylar

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