Give It Time – 63

On Monday morning, Mike’s mind on the case he would present at court,  he wandered into the office.   There was some excitement which he didn’t delve into.  

As it continued, Mike found it distracting.  To his puzzled face his secretary told him that Miss Bennet had resigned.

He looked at her; “Emily Bennet, one of the Juniors…?” she prompted.


“Yes, she left letters on the desks of the seniors and they’ve been arguing about it since they arrived.”

Mike nodded, then asked his secretary to call Jordon, a para-legal.   In  his office they went over the case.  

Emily was the only junior he wanted; she was the best.  The others were pedestrian.  He didn’t want them to annoy or distract.  Mike went to Court on his own.  He  didn’t return to the office at the break, but had lunch across the road, then back to Court.

He wished Emily had been with him, she always had clever suggestions, saw things, read people, he felt limited without her.


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Written by jaylar

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