Give it Time – 62

Driving back, Mike felt a chapter closing.   It was as if their friendship was an office thing, and when Emily left the office, it ended.

Emily did not feel that way.   But then, she was not one to categorise relationships.  

There wasn’t much talking on the way home.  Mike thought about asking her out to dinner or a movie, but let it go.  

He dropped her off, she smiled and went in, and he drove to his flat.

Mike considered going out, making some hook up but had a big case tomorrow, so decided to stay in, go over it, watch some T.V.

He couldn’t really mourn the ‘break up’  because there was no relationship to break up.  They’d never been intimate.   

Emily entered her flat, took a shower, washed her hair.  She looked over the various laws which she would need to know.

She had a light dinner, turned on her phone, spoke to various friends, then shut it off, watched television, then went to bed. She didn’t think ‘what if’ or what would happen next.

As usual, she would give it time.


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Written by jaylar

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