Give it Time – 58

Mike didn’t feel right.  He let go of Emily’s hand, said something about bed, and went in.  Emily sat outside alone for a time, then came in, used to bathroom, went to her bed.

She hadn’t told Mike last week or the week before because why ruin now with a possibility?  She knew Mike liked their relationship.  It was easy, no pressure, no promises, no predictions.

Emily had the impression Mike was juggling all the ‘ifs’ and thinking whether to go this way or that.

Her conscience was not troubled.   If she went to the Agency, they could still see each other, although it would be moved from ‘coworkers popping out’ to a ‘date’.

What pleased Emily the most is that their ‘relationship’  was virtually platonic, easy and without roots.

If it ended when she left the firm, then it would be no more dislocation than shopping at a different market.  


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Written by jaylar

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