Give It Time – 53

Hearing Emily talk about leaving the firm where they both were employed hurt Mike in a way he hadn’t begun to describe.

“It wouldn’t be the same,” Mike said.  ” Right now we are on the same side.  Right now we work together, picking each other’s thoughts, collaborating, filling the gaps.”

“You are really giving me a swelled head.”

“You know I am being raw honest.”

“Yes, I do know that.”

“Beyond what you told me about the Office did they say anything about termination?”  he tried.

“No.”  Emily replied.  ” I think Galant will go to whine to the others and either they will say something like, “Give her a pass on the over time because she’s good,”  or they will say; “Off with her head.”

Wanting to be alone with her, Mike suggested; 

“Let’s go up to the room and sit on the balcony.  We can have coffee or wine sent up.”

“I don’t drink wine, I suppose to delve into the alcohol thing I’ll take a Guinness.”

“Great…me too…”

And they went to the bar, got the bottles and went to the room, onto the balcony.

They sat and looked at nothing, because the room faced a tree which blocked out everything.  But it really didn’t matter.


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Written by jaylar

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