Give it Time – 51

Emily and Mike  arrived in the dining room at the right time.  The time before any of the offerings had  finished. They  took what they wanted from the buffet then went to an empty table.

They began to eat.  He wanted to say something, wanted to reopen the topic they had been discussing before coming down.  Mike didn’t know what to say so concentrated on the food.

When he’d finished what was on his plate he went to take a bit more this and that, returned. Emily brought them coffee.

“You really liked that butterfly shrimp,”  she observed as she took her seat.  Letting a few seconds pass said; “Imagine if we were talking in the room and when you got down, only one was left.”

He felt he was being given the secrets of the universe.

“The fact is, we can continue the talk now.  Now, after dinner.  Now when there is no ‘goal’ to reach.”

He was trying to comprehend, but he felt a little lost.

“Why ‘waste’ now thinking about then?   Why waste now performing some task you could do on Monday?  Live now.  Live in the now so that ten years from today you won’t look back and think, “I missed the Final because I had to stay late and push paper around an office.”


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Written by jaylar

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