Give it Time – 48

Mike and Emily went upstairs to change for dinner.  She took the first shower, came out in a robe.  He went in and she dressed.

He came out in a pair of slacks, found a shirt.

“Y’know…” he said, brushing his hair in the mirror, “it’s been really… unique…”

“Oh, you mean not doing the Me 101?”  

Surprised, he turned to meet her eyes.

“Here’s the issue with the ‘when I was seven years old I broke my arm..’ narrative.   And I don’t have to tell you I’m just using this as a paradigm for some past event…”

He nodded, fully understanding.

“When something happens somewhere else in some other time in someone else’s past,  a person one hasn’t know for long, mentioning it now causes envisioning within your own scope. Your memories, your constructs, your past.  This leads to mistakes, some, beyond repair.”

Mike didn’t understand.


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Written by jaylar

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