Give it Time – 46

Mike decided not to predict, not to anticipate.  He would let everything flow without slapping on definitions.

He arrived at Emily’s place at 7 am, and they went off to the hotel.  They arrived about 9:30, got a room, and ran to breakfast.  After eating they went to the beach.  

Both had worn their bathing suits as underwear.   They relaxed, having easy conversation and just as easy silence.

They took a swim after about an hour, then rinsed, relaxed, and went in for lunch.

Mike was thinking about what happens that night.  Would it be a chaste single beds no mingling as it had been the first time?

Let it go… he told himself.   Think of this minute.  

After lunch they returned to the shore. It was such a relaxed atmosphere he could drift into sleep, but forced himself to get up and move towards the sea.  Emily followed.


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Written by jaylar

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