Give it Time – 41

During the months Mike had dated Lily, in fact, going back to every girl he had ever dated since he was fifteen,  there had always been secret or double meanings.  Always strange links. If he was late to pick up a girl, she refused to go out with him.   If she didn’t conform to the  image he had, he dumped her.

He recalled getting tickets to a function Lily had wanted to attend, but because of some trivial reason, she refused to go.  He stalked off,  didn’t go either and spent the evening fuming.


How he got into this world of measures and protocols and links between events that didn’t really exist?

What is it with all the people in his world?  What is it with him?  How could he link Tuesday night to Friday? 

Mike reflected on the fact that when Emily told him about the party at the amusement park he hadn’t wanted to attend.  He was going to decline until he heard that it was a virtual celebrity event.  

He hadn’t had a bad time, in fact, it was fun.  Further, he knew Emily intended to stay until the virtual end before he picked her up.  She had told him she was taking Wednesday off.

The fact she had him leave without her seemed evident… so why was he making it a ‘thing’ when it was not?


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Written by jaylar

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