Give it Time – 40

When Mike reached the office on Thursday Emily was already there, going into a Senior’s office with a file.  She didn’t see him.

He went to his office, worked on documents then went to Court.  He didn’t return, going out for lunch, then back to Court.  When he reached the office it was late, almost everyone had gone.   He left his files, and went out. As he drove home he thought about whether or not Emily would invite him to Friday’s game and if he would or would not go.

He tried to uncover the root of his anger, annoyance, whatever it was that made him feel this way.  Nothing had happened on Tuesday which in any way he could translate into a negative.

Save one thing;  that she did not leave the amusement park with him.

As he arrived home, the idea of refusing to go with her to the match (if asked) popped up, and it was lucky he had stopped the car.

For this was very much an Epiphany.


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Written by jaylar

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