Give it Time – 39

The alarm blasted and Mike woke tired and irritable.  He tried to perk himself up by eating ice cream for breakfast.  He dressed, went to work and tried to function.

Lily came in with documents, tried to provoke him but he ignored her, forcing her to repeat her barbs and not responding.  Finally, pushed, he shouted;  “Would you shut your mouth and get out of here so I can work?”

Even someone as narcissist as Lily realised he was NOT interested in her.  What ever they had ‘had’ was far in the past, erased.

Mike went to Court with another of the newbies as his junior.  It was a pedestrian matter and he let the newbie walk it through.

He returned to the office and decided to leave early, which he did.  He went home, had an early meal, went to bed, woke at just past five a.m. and went for a jog.

He felt a bit more clear headed when he returned.


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Written by jaylar

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