Give it Time – 36

Mike saw many somewhat famous/important people. If Emily hadn’t dragged him on to the Ferris wheel he might have tripped over his jaw.

He was locked into a sense of being out of place when she  chattered about being afraid to try the roller coaster. Pulling out of his confusion, Mike said he didn’t think he’d do the roller coaster as when he was a kid it made him throw up.

As the Ferris wheel rose and he was alone with Emily, he put his arm around her… sort of… laying it on the back of the bench on which they sat.  She smiled at him,  looking out as the wheel turned above the park.

Seeing her profile he noticed that she had perfect skin; no blemish, mole or freckle.  She glanced back at him with a smile.

He said;  “Would you mind if I kiss you?”

“Just a light one..” she said with mirth.

He kissed her on her lips, softly,without passion or grabbing, as if they were children.  Then, pulling back, he smiled and looked over the amusement part from the height.

He felt good.  Just honestly good.


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Written by jaylar


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