Give it Time – 35

Mike arrived at Emily’s flat just before six and she was waiting.  She got into his car without the ‘you have to open the door for me’ attitude but sprang in happily.

She was bubbling about tonight’s function;  it was a birthday party.  Every year it was held at the amusement park.

Mike stepped on his tongue so as not to ask whose party it was, or who would be there.

When they arrived the security guard came with the list, recognised Emily.  Mike and Emily were let in and told where to park.

As they entered the Amusement park they were warmly welcomed. Mike was handed a balloon and she a cone of cotton candy.  

Emily had been to these parties many times.  She glanced at Mike to see how he was managing, offered him her cotton candy.  

He seemed very quiet, maybe intimidated by the people he saw.  She didn’t want this to be a gape and retreat so dragged him to the Ferris wheel, and boarded.


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Written by jaylar

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